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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Giving Back

Check out team237.com

This is the robotics team I mentor. It's a high school program intended to foster interest in science and engineering.The adults involved in this program are the most dedicated group I've ever met. The students are incredible. They've restored my faith in our future.

You'll hear lots about this program here. The summer and fall are slow, but once winter and spring come around, we get into full swing.

Here's the gist...Starting in January, we are introduced to a game objective. We then have six weeks to design and build a robot to compete. This is the real deal. No pre-fab slap-it-together type stuff here. This thing is designed from the ground up. When we're done, we have a 120 lb robot that typically does some amazing things.

Our team is a small one, but accomplished. We've won 3 Regional Championships in our 10 years of competition. We've also been to the National Championships in every year.

My role on the team is electronics and software mentoring. I work with the students to wire the robot and create the control software that operates it. We work hard, and have fun.

In 2006, our robot design was selected to appear in a book about FIRST Robotics. FIRST Robots: Behind the Design details the designs behind award winning robots.

If you want to learn more about the program, visit FIRST...

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