I started this venture in 2008 as an avenue to talk about a wide variety of topics, but primarily as a SCUBA blog under the name "Musings from the Deep Blue Sea". It's evolved. My renewed interest in health, fitness, and nutrition (at the age of 43) has brought me to where I am today, and this site reflects that. Having said that, my original mission statement hasn't changed...

Our lives are important only because of the impact they have on the lives of others. Making a difference is important. This blog isn't written for you, it's written for me. My way of reviewing my life, and its significance...Of course, given my wide range of interests in life, there will be much variety. Welcome to my life.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Lifestyle Change, The Final Chapter

So I guess I was pretty serious. I joined Bally Total Fitness (it's about 2 miles from my house) and started going 5 days a week.

Fast forward to today...I'm still going to the gym 5 days a week, and I'm working as hard as ever. I've learned so much about exercise, diet, supplements, and what works for me.

I now weigh 183 lbs...and I'm pretty solid. I do cardio workouts, lots of strength training, and I try to stay active outside of the gym. I still play softball, I coach soccer, and now that I'm in shape, I run with the team. SCUBA is still a huge part of my life, and always will be (as long as I'm physically able).

I'm turning 43 today, and I'm in better shape than when I was 23.

My intent is to update this space with info on my workouts, my diet, my supplements, and other notes on my lifestyle. I'm a work in progress, and you'll see that through my posts. I'll experiment with different exercises, supplements, eating patterns, etc. Some of it will work, some won't...

Hopefully I'll post at least once a day....from the gym


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