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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Lifestyle Change, Part Two

When last we left our hero, he was a 40 year old fat-ass that desperately needed to get back in shape...

I'd never been big on watching my diet, counting calories, etc. That might explain my predicament. Not knowing much, I started with the obvious. Soda is evil. I'm addicted to soda. So I ended my multi-decade love affair with soda, cold turkey.

Next came portion sizes. I ate 6 inch subs instead of foot longs. I ordered the petite cut of steak instead of the "Family of four" cut. I loaded up my plate with food, and vowed not to have seconds.

Just doing that, the weight fell off. I started dieting in May, and by October I'd lost over 30 lbs, weighing in at about 165.

Tomorrow: Holy shit, this hurts!

By then it started getting serious. I was reading food labels, which sometimes made me scratch my head. I knew some things were bad for me, but didn't understand why. It wasn't clear from the label.

I should have felt like I'd conquered the world. After all, I'd just lost all of the weight I'd gained over the years. Woohoo!!!!!

Not exactly. It was too easy. Except for the soda. God, I love soda.

I needed a challenge. Something that I hadn't done before. I was going to lift...weights...no, seriously. I was going to get in shape. Good shape.


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